Girls [EP]

by Schapero

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"Girls" is the debut EP from Schapero; the new project from 19-year-old Stephen Edwards. Upon graduating high school and moving to Denver, Stephen began writing a new album. After almost a year of writer's block, it was decided to move away from the city to a rural town in Missouri to focus on everything important. This album is a product of the love, loss, and separation during this period of time.


released November 24, 2015

Written and Recorded by Stephen Edwards
Artwork by Kevin Kurecki



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Track Name: Sugar Baby [Serena]
Give me what I want
And I'll give you what you need
Because I've got everything
Except for money

I'm as cold as ice
Smooth like it too
But I'm sweet like honey
Can take it slow for you

So don't worry
You're not too old for me
I'll do whatever you want baby
You're like gold to me

I'll be your sugar baby

(You don't want it
I know you do
So quit frontin'
Let me roll witchu)
Track Name: How Can I Stay [Abigail]
Tell me baby
How can I stay
When you push me away
And tell me girl
How you really feel
I don't wanna waste your time
If it's not really real
Track Name: My Favourite Actress [Katie]
I can be your favourite actor
If you just give me the part
Maybe I'm just over-reacting
Maybe I'm really falling apart
You're my favourite actress
Do you wanna star in my play?
And if you stay a little bit longer
Maybe we can make a movie of our own

I can be your favourite actor
I'm already playing the part
But baby, I'm not an actor
I just wanna be your star
You're my favourite actress
Make a Rated-X film in the dark
Black and white shot of you on the mattress
You could be my biggest star
Track Name: Are You Sure (I'm Sure) [Gabriella]
I'm not sure if I'm ready to go
And if I decide to stay,
I promise I'll let you know
But if I decide that it's time to leave,
This will be the last that you hear from me

Don't go
Don't leave
Things are better when you're with me

Don't go
Don't leave
I'm not the same now, can't you see?

Don't go
Don't leave
Things are better when you're with me

Don't go
Don't leave
I will die and you won't see
Track Name: Weird Grammar [Girls]
You were my friend
Didn't know you well
Thought I knew enough
Didn't know enough

You were my girl
You were my world
Until I knew too much

And oh,
Please look in the mirror
And try to see
What is always looking back at me